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Born in Utrecht on the 5th of May 1988.

I like to create pure, soft, intimate photos, with a little mystery in which my love for animals and humankind is always visible. 

Since 2014 I am a self-taught photographer. It started when my parents gave me a camera after finishing the New School in Amsterdam. I began to really immerse myself in the world of photography when I learned the skills of working with light to highlight the quality of a character in an image.  My enthusiasm and hard work paid off really quickly. I started to freelance after a few months and that was the beginning of my journey. 


The beauty and stories that lie within people are one of the main motivations in my work. I believe that photographs posses the power to allow people to discover something in themselves that only others can see. I am driven by the goal of helping people see this as well. 

Besides photography I am also trained as a Constellation therapist who works with horses. It's all about being authentic in any version of yourself. 


Over the last eight years I have gained a lot of experience working professionally in the field of weddings, portraits and commercial photography, having many clients which lead me to travel across Europe with my camera. This has been so far a very enriching time for me as I continue to define who I am in the creative world of photography. However, there came a point where I felt the need to change direction, dig a little deeper and so I began to travel and produce images which are more about the experience of spending time alone. 


My portfolio reflects where I am now on this journey, it shows the many sides and broadness of my exploration of different types of situations, and how I choose to work with them and capture them.


Now it is time to share my work with you. I hope to create more, meet and capture new and beautiful people, and definitely make more happy faces.





2016 | Alliance, Amsterdam Roest.  With my photo's I gave the current refugee crisis a bright, human face. 

2018 | The daily faces Zeedijk, Quartier Putain.This exhibition was about the daily life and faces of the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. 

2019 | Cowboy serie by Nikki, online due to covid. This serie was about my time with the horses in Arizona, USA. 



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